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The spirit of Monaco

The Principality of Monaco is an area of unrivalled luxury and elegance, epitomising the ultimate destination for those in pursuit of excellence upon multiple levels; scenery, culture, style, cuisine and pleasure.

Monaco attracts owners of superyachts and the most expensive cars on the planet; the residents live in a unique setting representing the pinnacle of lifestyle and privilege in a highly secure environment. Only a short drive from Nice Airport and positioned on the Riviera overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, Monaco is a compact area that offers a full array of experience and opportunities, including museums, Port Hercule harbour, the world-famous Monte Carlo casino and the internationally revered Monaco Grand Prix. 

Whether for shopping at Haute Couture fashion houses, partying in world famous nightclubs or relaxing on a yacht sipping champagne and cocktails, memories made in Monaco are savoured and then cherished.

Events in monaco