Port Palace Hotel - Celebrating 20-Years of Hospitality in Monaco

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The Port Palace Hotel has one of the most prestigious AAA locations in Monte Carlo overlooking the blue bay of Port Hercule and in close proximity to Monaco’s key tourist attractions, entertainment venues, places of cultural interest, haute couture shopping and sophisticated relaxation.  


The hotel’s 20-year history is filled with key events and some of the most famous names in hospitality and international cuisine.  The development and journey to this point is celebrated with grace and confidence.


Clients’ discretion and security is always assured and the hotel’s status as one of the only boutique hotels in Monte Carlo – ensures a more personal and caring experience.


Highlights along the hotel’s illustrious journey and story so far, includes expertise and support from some of the most famous designers, chefs and restaurants in the world.  Mixing aesthetic and culinary expertise to excite the most discerning of tastes and preferences.


The Port Palace Hotel’s debut and launch in 2003 linked with the Monaco Yacht Show. Its prestigious calibre of style with celebrations of food, beauty and pampering experiences launched with the first Chef François Pillard of Restaurant Le Grand Large and the Clé de Peau Skincare Institute.


Within just two years of its opening, the hotel was affiliated with the Spanish Group and therefore an international hotel chain.  Internationally revered chef Patrick Raingeard featured within the hotel’s restaurant La Mandarine which opened in 2006.


Gaining an enviable reputation and in keeping with boutique, upscale hotels, the hotel was awarded a One Star Michelin accreditation in 2009.  Various other restaurants opened over the next few years including a seasonal partnership with Nozomi Restaurant (London) and then La Maree in 2013 with focus and celebration of locally produced fish and seafood.


Under the leadership of the current owners, the Madar Group, La Môme restaurant was opened in 2022 and is currently the residing restaurant on the 6th floor with restaurants both inside the hotel and an outdoor terrace with breathtaking views across the harbour… The hotel’s breakfast is catered and served by the team within La Môme, to help our clients start their day with an uplifting and nourishing experience.


2023 celebrates the hotel’s 20th anniversary.  The journey and story continue with more planned experiences and highlights to help support and maintain, the hotel’s prominence as part of the Monaco, international stage for local residents and its global clientele.